Enamel Pot, Cast Iron Pan More And More Popular
- 2018-05-10 -

Cast iron cookware to 100% imports of household-level purity pig iron manufacture, three layers of enamel surface spraying materials, hard, reflective, thick with very good thermal and thermal characteristics. This series pans specially designed the overall uniform thickness, heating temperature can be from a single point the full spread to all body, uniform heat transfer, heat quickly, so only use a small fire, can cook up a pot of delicious food, energy conservation both environmental benefits. Surface coating of enamel material, food can be easily stained pots, and is easy to clean. In addition, the excellent thermal insulation properties of the cast iron, outside in addition to the convenient and quick cooking effect, while maintaining food temperature for a long time. Bright and colorful appearance, even if the fancy foods directly on the table, is very elegant and beautiful.