Points For Attention When Buying Enamel Equipment And Methods
- 2018-05-10 -

Need special reminded everyone of is, currently, in enamel industry exists very serious of not specification phenomenon: some enterprise, scale is small, some is family small workshop, no pressure container manufacturing capacity, no what management, no professional technicians, several people joint venture built a Taiwan stove, simple of tooling, large renovation old enamel equipment, brush Shang paint Hou Dang new equipment sold, profiteering. Price of the device is very low, the user is cheap to buy, but this equipment without any quality and safety assurance, there are serious security risks. Some users buy for pressure vessel use, its natural consequences would be unthinkable. Painful lessons are also a lot of this equipment. Therefore recommends that users get into the formal purchase product. Should also try to use structure of industry-standard products, there are a few of the companies in the industry in accordance with the standards of the enterprise (in this case structural standard) to organize production. After the user has purchased the enterprise standard products, due to various reasons need replacement part or all other products manufactured by enterprises, will be unable to swap and install.