Enamel Mixer Usage Considerations
- 2018-05-10 -

Prevent any hard object fall into the metal container, scratches glass. Avoid cold tank heating materials, when the hot tank heating material. Due to the sudden change in temperature, forming internal stress, affecting life. Operation running in using clip sets equipment Shi, should slowly for pressure, and warming, General first pass into 0.1MPa (table pressure) pressure steam, keep 15 minutes Hou, again slowly boost, and warming (boost speed to each 10 minutes rose 0.1MPa pressure suitable), in to tank of operation pressure weizhi, regardless of heating or cooling should in allows temperature range within for, I factory equipment using temperature 0~200℃, temperature hot impact 120 ℃, cold impact 110 ℃. Above this temperature range, indicated in the contract, design and manufacturing. Material: the material, such as a valve, discharge pipe blocked, all gently poked open with a non-metallic tool, not touch knock. In use to prevent jacket into the acid to prevent glass-lined metal hydrogen reaction, glass-lined layer caused by phosphorus explosive. Cleaning: when cleaning inside the tank, you cannot use metal utensils, and the bonding material in the tank surfaces must be cleaned promptly and thoroughly.