Enamel Tank Strong Shock Resistance Tank King
- 2018-05-10 -

Liner as the heart of the water heater, and transported over long distances, changing weather test, impact resistance is the key to inner life factors. Tank has experienced from the first generation tank galvanized resin tank second generation stainless steel liner to third-generation Crystal tank to enamel inner tank, its technology is step by step increase the impact resistance of the inner tank. Stainless steel water tank occupies a certain position in the market as a second-generation, enameled water tank has not been occupied water tank market, stainless steel water tank with its leading-edge, become a major part of the inner tank. Stainless steel water tank made of stainless steel precision molded together, handsome in appearance, economical and practical, not a bad subject for a long time. Stainless steel water tank compared to the other tank, light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, water clean, impervious, seismic, MOSS never, without secondary pollution of water quality, easy to install, no maintenance, easy to clean, and many other advantages. But at the same time, well after the date, stainless steel leak-prone problem is known as the greatest development hindered.