Century-old Enamel, Love And Sadness
- 2018-05-10 -

In 1978, the old Xie of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of organization "light industry expert" contest, with excellent enamel-spray Spray Technology won first place for Shanghai first pace-setters. That from that point on, he has deep feelings in enamel and embarked on a favorite track. Inside a thin layer of iron tires, outsourcing of several layers of thin enamel, enamel products for convenient, durable, inexpensive, have long dominated the Chinese half of daily necessities. Memories of the old Xie has a clear data: peak, the factories have more than 2000 workers a day off with 2 containers of product, annual profits of up to 15 million Yuan. But in the process of production of enamels, iron tyres wastewater treatment problems, the impact of flying dust on workers ' health, environmental awareness and stronger enamel production gets off the horse. From the heyday of 122 national ceramic enterprises, slowly cut off the factory. On September 21, 2002, Shanghai New enamel factory was closed, as Director of the old Xie stay to the end. Finished processing all export contracts and personnel arrangements, the face of PD 31 years of our lives and dreams of the empty plant, he broke down in tears.