Enamel Products Repair Four Small Recipe
- 2018-05-10 -

Attaching ceramic ware egg white lime paste is only bump off porcelain ware, you can use the egg white and lime mix into a paste, applied porcelain parts, the shade can be used after. Lac knocked a Vulcanized enamelware enamel ware porcelain, Lac (pharmacy sale) lighted, ceramic fuel juice in place. Each time they fill a can be maintained for about six months. Lithopone and varnishes applied over or mixed into paste, and enamel products, strong and durable. C plastic rod riveting fill enamel vessels for has leak hole of enamel vessels, can first will leak hole at spread into mung bean grain size of holes, again from waste cooking bottle Shang cut Xia long about 2 cm, rough and leak hole equivalent of plastic rod (variable available plastic sheeting volume into rod), then put it insert leak hole, on both sides the show about 1 cm, last again with candle or lighter which plastic rod of ends, makes its contraction became "mushroom top", slightly, moments, again with smooth sticks will on both sides of "mushroom top" to Center pressure a pressure can. After the plastic cools completely, it will leak fill leak. Meanwhile, on both sides of the "mushroom" was not under the protection of the leak are no longer subject to wear. D an old toothbrush handle repair enamel ware enamelware porcelain with a fine sandpaper clean rust, then put it on the stove heated (not red), old paint on the plastic toothbrush handle on the vulnerability, and cooling that is in jail.